Club Ethos

Our ethos defines who we are and what we believe in. It is important because it gives parents and players an expectation of what they can expect from the club and sets a standard for our volunteers to follow. Our ethos can be summed up in our mission statement:

“Football for all in an environment that is developmental, ethical, fun and safe.”

With this in mind, the following key points illustrate the club’s determination to stand by our mission statement and our aim of providing quality coaching and facilities for all our players.

Football For All

At Ropsley Colts we are committed to our club being inclusive and providing a positive experience for everyone involved in the game. We will promote a culture that is free from discrimination, abuse and harassment. We will operate an open membership policy, creating a club that is reflective of the wider community and ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to participate in our National Game.

Retention of Players

We are committed to creating an environment that encourages a lifelong passion for the game amongst our players; where enjoyment and fun are key and where each player feels both valued and wanted.

Raising Standards

We will create a safe and positive environment and seek to maintain the highest possible standards of behaviour throughout the club.

Developing Better Players

We will provide an environment where the overriding aim is to develop better football players in the long term rather than to provide a short-term “win at all costs” mentality.